Starting and running a business is certainly challenging, so as a business owner, you should be open to reasoned guidance and suggestions. Fortunately, some of the biggest global entrepreneurs are eager to share their wisdom and experience to help others.

Mark Cuban

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Mark Cuban is a celebrity entrepreneur thanks to his long-term participation in the hit tv show, Shark Tank. He made his fortune by selling his video portal business,, to Yahoo in 1999, four years after launching his start-up.

The owner of the Mavericks baseball team believes strongly in an entrepreneur’s hustle. Whilst on Shark Tank, Twitter, and other media, he celebrates those that keep pushing forward and don’t give up when facing rejection.

Arianna Huffington

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Whilst you may not know her name, you’re probably familiar with her surname. As the co-founder of the Huffington Post, she grew her billion-dollar journalism and media empire. Her efforts to encourage more female entrepreneurs have won her recognition as one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people.

Arianna believes that entrepreneurs should be selective about their personal use of technology, particularly the reliance on brain-drain apps that would have an impact on their creative thinking. She encourages everyone, not just business owners, to be conscious of how much time they spend online, and to ensure they dedicate enough attention to their wellbeing.

Sir Richard Branson

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It’s hard to imagine a world without the Virgin brand. From music to flights, gyms to telecom providers, Branson’s empire stretches wide and far. Thanks to Virgin Galactic, the sky is no longer a limit, and with a space hotel in the works, it’s hard to imagine any limit at all.

This eccentric entrepreneur has shared his business acumen in thousands of interviews, podcasts, and books. His mantra is to take care of your employees, and they, in turn, will take care of your clients. No business can hope to survive without a motivated and knowledgeable team, and too many business owners overlook this simple fact.

Janice Bryant Howroyd

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Janice Bryant Howroyd is the founder of a multi-billion dollar recruitment agency called ActOne Group. She is the first black woman to lead a company that generates more than $1 billion in annual revenue, and that’s even more remarkable when you discover that she started it all with a $1,500 investment in 1978.

Janice believes in the power of purpose and planning. Articulating what drives you to start a business, or do anything meaningful, will allow you to stay on track and will provide you with the energy to go on, even when your motivation is lacking.


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As a singer, Rihanna needs no introduction. However, just like the other entrepreneurs to follow in 2022, this self-made billionaire did not stop at just one success. She used her earnings to start up cosmetics and fashion businesses. She has also set up her own foundation that works to combat climate change and racial injustice.

Rihanna attributes part of her success to joining forces with the right people. No business can thrive in a vacuum, and it’s OK, or rather necessary, to ask for help. Seek people that are more knowledgeable than you and don’t be afraid to talk to them and pick their brains.


Today, you might not reach the criteria to go on this list, but all five of these entrepreneurs began with a business idea and not much else. Fortunately, you can get access to specialised advice and business funding by getting in touch with the team at NM Group.