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Our story

Celebrating 30+ years of hard work

Our Story

NM Group is a fully-fledged professional services firm, providing clients with a one-stop-shop for all their business needs. With specialised teams working on specific business units in the areas of finance, corporate, tax, legal, and gaming, NM Group aims to deliver effective corporate services that cover all bases, be it for a start-up or an established business.

When NM Group was originally established as Noel Muscat & Co in 1991, founders Noel and Silvana Muscat took a leap of faith and started their own business from scratch. Through Noel and Silvana’s hard work and sheer determination, the venture took off and slowly but steadily developed into an accountancy firm offering a wide range of accounting services.

Since then, NM Group has developed long-lasting business relationships with clients from various sectors, including governmental, medical, tourism, hospitality, and many others. We believe in offering bespoke solutions to ensure success for our clients’ endeavours. Our team of accountants and corporate experts is dedicated to providing our clients with a personalised service, where we make it our top priority to understand the full spectrum of their requirements.

As NM Group continues to expand its services to meet our clients’ growing demands, we are steadfast in our belief that our values define who we are and guide the way forward. From day one, we have adopted a value driven approach to all that we do. Through the years, NM Group has grown from strength to strength, thanks to a good sense of teamwork, innovative thinking and keeping a positive attitude. At our core, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards, aiming to perform at the optimum level, with consistency, expediency, and most importantly, integrity.





At NM Group, we want to be more than just accountants to our clients – we want to be their trusted advisor. We don’t measure quality only by what our clients expect, but by how much value we can give them. We deliver bespoke advisory solutions that fully ensure success in our clients’ endeavours. With a team of advisors and corporate experts that is dedicated to providing a personalised service, we make it our top priority to understand the full spectrum of the client’s requirements. With this, we are able to bolster our clients’ strengths and fill in any gaps that may act as a potential weakness in their business.

To help us achieve this, we turn to innovation. Why? Because innovation is the future, and it is our goal to be at the frontline of the tech revolution with our clients right there by our side. Whether we’re engaging in advanced cloud accounting services or simply bringing together our brightest minds in strategic thinking, we will do whatever it takes to see our clients thrive.

If there’s one thing that sets NM Group apart from the rest it is our core focus on people – whether it is the satisfaction of our clients or the happiness of our staff, we prioritise the human element within our work. Just as we strive to empower our team to develop their skills and evolve professionally, we want to connect with our clientele and watch their business grow beyond their expectations. Our people-focused approach extends beyond the walls of our office – we have a fantastic CSR team that works hard to launch projects that promote social responsibility and foster a sense of generosity within our team and community.


“One of the most important and challenging decisions a company can make is to choose the right accounting firm from the outset. As an international group of companies, we have been very well looked after by NM Group for several years. The service provided by Mr. Muscat and his team is very professional, fully dedicated and highly efficient. I have no reservations in recommending NM Group for the innovative and reliable services they provide.”

Mark Holland
Director, MaltaLingua

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