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Who is Tax Compliance applicable to?


(Employed, Previously Employed, Pensioners)

Business Owners

What is Tax Compliance?

All business owners and individuals in Malta must adhere to Maltese tax legislation. This involves the timely and accurate reporting of income, expenses, and other relevant financial information with the Tax Authorities. Tax Compliance ensures that businesses and other entities fulfil their obligations and responsibilities with regard to paying taxes.

Typically, employed individuals’ taxes are withheld by their employer from their salaries and remitted to the Malta Tax and Customs Administration (MTCA). Employees need to ensure that their tax information, as provided in the FS3 form, is accurate.

In addition, employees and self-employed individuals in Malta are required to contribute to the National Insurance system. This includes contributions to social security, pensions, and other related benefits.

What happens if I am not Tax Compliant?

One of the most common issues with non-compliance is penalties and interest imposed by the government authorities that can accumulate over time, increasing the overall amount owed. If such liabilities are not paid, the Tax Authorities may take legal action against non-compliant businesses or individuals which may involve, amongst other actions, seizure of assets including property, bank accounts, and other valuables to satisfy outstanding tax liabilities.

How can I ensure that I am up to date with my reporting obligations and do not have any outstanding balances with the Tax Authorities?

Establishing whether you have any outstanding balances with the Tax Authorities may be done by obtaining an updated Compliance Certificate. You may wish to grant access to an authorised tax practitioner to check for any outstanding balances on your behalf.

What should I do if I have outstanding balances?

In case you have any outstanding liabilities with the Tax Authorities, it is extremely important that you take immediate action to address the situation. Consulting with a tax professional or financial advisor who is familiar with Maltese tax laws can give you the comfort that you are being guided on the best approach to solving your tax liabilities, potential payment plans, and remission of interest and penalties.

how can NM Group assist?

NM Group has a dedicated team of tax professionals who may assist you with establishing whether you have any outstanding balances with the Tax Authorities and resolving any outstanding tax issues.

Our Tax Balance Health Check

If you are unsure whether you have any outstanding liabilities, our team can obtain a high-level understanding of your tax position to assess your current situation and provide you with your current tax balances. By providing your information you will not be committing to any obligation but simply gaining an understanding of your tax situation. 

If there are any outstanding liabilities and you would like our team to assist you further, you will be provided with an option to set up a meeting so that we can look into your specific case and guide you accordingly. We will act as your representative in all interactions with the Tax Authorities and provide ongoing support throughout the resolution process. 

How can I initiate the process?

In order for our team to check if you have any outstanding balances, you are kindly requested to submit the below form. We will contact you within 3 working days to provide you with an update on your situation and suggest a way forward.

NM Group (Malta) Ltd (C53302) (“NM Group”) offers a free Tax Compliance Health Check service which enables NM Group to inform you of any outstanding balances currently listed within your MTCA Portal. In order to provide you with this service, we require your personal data.

The personal data listed above and any additional data which may be requested by NM Group is required to be processed by NM Group for us to submit a CFR02 on your behalf to gain access to your profile within the MTCA Portal. We will only access your profile for the purpose of checking the ‘My Balances’ section within your profile and informing you of any current outstanding balances. Your personal data will not be processed for any other purpose unless such processing is required in accordance with applicable law or following collection of your consent. Moreover, the Tax Compliance Health Check service is not to be construed as tax advice.

You acknowledge and understand that if you provide us with the personal data required for this Tax Compliance Health Check
    • NM Group will be able to provide you with the Tax Compliance Health Check service. Failure to provide us with your personal data will preclude us from rendering this service to you;
    • The access granted to NM Group to be able to enter your MTCA Portal supersedes any other previous access which you may have granted to any third party tax practitioner(s);
    • We will delete the personal data provided to us within 90 days from our receipt of this form unless:
      1. it transpires that you have outstanding balances and you wish to engage our services to assist you with settling the same in which case your personal data will be retained for longer; or
      2. you specifically request us to retain this personal data for a longer period;
    • The personal data provided pertains to you and is accurate and up-to-date; and
    • You have read and understood our privacy notice which is available here:


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