How often have you let VAT go unclaimed when making purchases through foreign vendors? It’s no secret that collecting foreign VAT can become a real chore that isn’t entirely worth your time.

That said, why should you lose out on precious money that you have a right to claim back just because the system is flawed?

This is where we come in. We’ve implemented an online system which automates this process of claiming money which was previously lost.

Using the most advanced technology to maximise your VAT recovery while operating internationally, this helps to collect VAT incurred most often for Travel Expenses and Supplier Invoices.

So in case of travel expenses, if you visited a conference or had meetings abroad in 2019, you’re entitled to claim back VAT on expenses related to accommodation, conference tickets, transportation and entertainment.

All you have to do to benefit from this service is

  1. Register your interest with us
  2. Gather and submit all your receipts to us
  3. Let us know where you’d like to receive your refund.

And then we’ll do all the rest! The best part is that there’s no fixed fee for this – we simply charge a small commission on the amount recovered.

Contact us today to register for an information session with us

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