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Set Up In Malta

Thanks to its flexible and comprehensive legislative and regulatory framework, Malta is emerging as one of the fastest growing business hubs for financial and corporate services in Europe.

A front runner in the European economy, Malta is a fantastic place to set up your business. Among its many outstanding qualities, it offers an advantageous tax system, beautiful surroundings, and a relaxed way of life. Above all, property in Malta is affordable, with luxurious real estate available, making it easy for you to settle in quickly.

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Business and Tax in Malta

Over the years, Malta has established itself as an ideal destination for entrepreneurs, particularly due to its status as a cost and tax-efficient jurisdiction for international business and investment.

The cost of setting up and running a company in Malta is reasonably low compared to other European jurisdictions. In fact, Malta adopts a system of tax refunds that significantly lowers the effective tax rate to 5%, the lowest in the European Union. Companies from the IT, gaming and corporate sectors have rushed to set up shop in Malta in order to take advantage of these financial benefits, as well as the added plus of ample sunshine!

Malta also offers a prime strategic geographical location in the middle of the Mediterranean, an educated and skilled English speaking workforce, political stability, and an exceptional communications structure, making it the ideal place to run your business.


Relocate to Malta

NM Group can help you relocate your business – and your life – to Malta. We have the tools in place to assist you with all the necessary paperwork needed to relocate, including company redomiciliation, and applications for visas, residence and work permits or Maltese citizenship.

With 300 days of sunshine and azure waters as far as the eye can see, what other reason would you need to move to Malta? If the fantastic weather and picturesque views haven’t convinced you, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. English is widely spoken throughout the islands and Malta is quickly becoming a multicultural hub for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Malta’s property market offers fantastic deals on luxurious apartments, gorgeous Mediterranean villas and everything else in between – the options are endless! Contact us today and we’ll help you make Malta your next home.


About Malta

Small but mighty, Malta is known as the gem of the Mediterranean, and with good reason. Malta takes the best qualities of all that touches the deep blue sea, and presents its visitors with fantastic food, rich history, and a lifestyle to suit just about anyone.

Malta’s rich cultural history is palpable wherever you turn – whether you’re at a cherished historical site or simply in the village square, each corner tells the story of Malta from a unique perspective. With British, Italian, and North African influences in our cuisine, architecture, lifestyle, and customs, life in Malta is never boring.

Whether you’re tempted to relocate to Malta on your own or with your family, the state offers ample benefits for locals and foreign taxpayers alike. With a stable political landscape in place, the Maltese islands and its inhabitants benefit from free healthcare and education, low tax rates and an easily affordable high standard of living.

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