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Yes, a company that provides fringe benefits only is still required to register as an employer and to send the necessary FSS forms to the respective department. The fringe benefit is considered part of the emoluments that a director or an employee receives from the company.

Yes, all personnel employed within a company, whether on full-time or part-time basis, are required by law to register with the department as an employer and must follow the FSS Regulations.

Deactivating your PE number seizes contact with previously employed personnel, releasing the employer of remit payments such as FSS tax and SSC.

Every employer is required to deduct FSS tax and SSC for employee wages or salaries. The FS5 and FS3 forms also need to distributed to employees in their appropriate time frames. As an employer you are required to deduct FSS tax and Social Security Contributions (SSC) from the employees` wages or salaries and remit the amounts due to the department together with form FS5 by the end of the following month. At the end of the year you are then required to send an FS3 form for each employee, showing the total emoluments, FSS tax and SSC deducted for the year together with a reconciliation form FS7. Two copies of the FS3 have to be supplied to the employee. When an employment is terminated, you are required to supply to the employee an FS3 form within seven days after termination of employment.

On a monthly basis, as from 2015 each employer is required to contribute to the maternity fund at the rates specified in the relevant legislation. The maternity fund contributions are to be paid along with FSS and SSC as stated above.

Firstly an Employer Registration Form needs to be filled in. A PE number will be provided and quoted on all FS4, FS5, FS3 and FS7 forms when you are required to send such forms to the Inland Revenue Department. You are also required to send the FS4 form for each person that you are to employ. 

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