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Today’s global economy is a complex and volatile environment which may result in businesses facing uncertain and ambiguous situations, especially during critical decision-making processes.  When facing such circumstances, companies need to evaluate and assess their position by seeking the necessary support through consultancy.  

By tapping into the knowledge and experience of seasoned professionals, organisations can receive invaluable advice which will help them do things more effectively and efficiently.  

Large and established companies are usually equipped with specific departments which handle these types of studies, however, this usually isn’t the case with SMEs. Such organisations may be limited with regards the required competences and resources needed to identify and deal with pertinent issues surrounding their growth and competitive potential.


By leveraging on its 31 years of experience, NM Group is able to bring together individuals with the expertise required to guide these types of businesses which are facing particular challenges.


Such insights will provide the timely intervention needed to assist entities in making the necessary decisions aimed at securing their survival and future business growth.



One of the consultancy tools available is the Business Plan which defines in detail an organisation’s objectives and how it is to go about achieving its set goals. NM Group can assist you in the development of such a document which will help with any of the following:

NM Group can also help you in applying for the ‘SME Consultancy Services Grant Scheme’ (open until June 2022) where eligible businesses can benefit from a lump sum of €4,000 which would cover the cost of having a professional Business Plan developed.


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